Parel: National Advisory Centre for Intercultural Learning Materials


What does Parel do?

Parel is a national advisory centre for intercultural learning materials that caters for all sectors of education. Parel is an independant organisation with more then ten years of experience in this field.

Parel advises schools and publishers in adapting their learning materials to suit a multicultural society. Society changes and, as it changes, so does education. Learning materials play a significant role in this. In particular, because in our educational system today, pupils are required more and more to work and study independently. Parel Advisory Centre helps to develop intercultural learning materials. In intercultural learning materials, the ethnic and cultural diversity of our society is included in a clear and positive way. Each and every pupil is able to recognise his or her background in these intercultural learning materials

The Information Centre

Learning materials and specialised literature can be found at the Parel Information Centre. A visit to the Information Centre can be arranged by appointment.

The Parel Helpdesk

The Parel Helpdesk offers you information and expert advice to suit your particular needs. For instance, you are a teacher and you would like some help in evaluating new material, or you are an author of school textbooks and you would like to write something from an intercultural point-of-view. We are only too happy to help you by offering you tips, concrete examples and inspiring ideas. The Parel Indicator also allows you to evaluate learning materials on their intercultural quality yourself. So, give us a cal, drop us a line, send us a fax or e-mail or just pop in. Our helpdesk employees are only too willing to help you personally. We are well informed in the field of education and we are experts in the area of intercultural learning materials, too. Generally speaking, the services provided by our helpdesk are free of charge.

Offers advice in the development of learning materials that cater for a multicultural society. Parel also advises the government in the development of new core objectives and attainment targets.

  • Publishes brochures and readers for use in education.
  • Documents publications in the field of intercultural learning materials
  • Organises workshops for teachers, publishers, authors of educational materials and editors.
  • Researches new developments in the field of intercultural learning materials.
  • Stimulates the establishment of advisory centres for intercultural learning materials in other European countries.
  • Registers instances of racism, stereotyping and prejudices found in learning materials.
  • Maintains a website where complete Parel publications and Parel readers can be consulted. These publications and readers are also available as extracts, if you prefer. In this website, you can also find the Parel Indicator and A Colourful Choice, among other publications.

Maintains Parel Publications in English: National Helpdesks for Intercultural Learning Materials: A Guideline

Parel Publications in English


Primary and secondary education



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